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Knitting & Crochet


Creations Ste-Croix & Dubé


We make jewelry, chopsticks, feather dusters and knit goods


Fil de cristal

Ange-Gardien, QC

Handcrafted creations from yarn: soft toys, accessories and other geekeries. Cristal presents its universe to you through the stories it tells. Fantastic characters and creatures are waiting for you!

Connexos Design

Connexos design

Montreal, Quebec

The main philosophy behind Connexos Design is to take the time to imagine, think, create and transform. Imagining original designs. Thinking sustainably and ethically. Creating with plant based and upcycled materials. Transforming a frenetic industry into carefully thought craftsmanship.

Knit Picky Blankets.png

knit picky designs

Lorraine, Quebec

Handmade custom knits that make the most special gifts!

Argenta Crochet Lab.png

Argenta crochet lab

Montreal, Quebec

Handmade crocheted items. ​​As a designer, I believe anything can be done, I have a strong focus on fashion and experimental crochet. You can also have access to my designs through the DIY patterns, and if you are interested in learning crochet and / or improving your technique I give face-to-face classes!

Kona Threads.png

Kona threads

Montreal, Quebec

Crochet home goodies (pillows, pillow covers, blankets).

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