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City, Quebec

Business Description

Ayata Botanix.jpg

Ayata botanix

Montreal, Quebec

[Ayata Botanix is ​​a small business in Montreal which aims to empower people to switch to minimalist, natural, and zero waste cosmetic products. Solid cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular because of their practicality: they are light, affordable, eco-friendly and have a longer shelf-life. We combine these practical aspects, with active botanicals and natural ingredients.. Products include solid shampoo and conditioner, body butter, bath bombs, magic balm and many others.



Chateauguay, Quebec

IVOIRE offers wellness products such as candles, room mists, soap and bath products. The goal is that you live an olfactory experience while taking care of yourself. At IVOIRE we make sure to create fragrances that will make you dream when you use our products to create memorable moments.


Min's SUDZ

Montreal, Quebec

Natural handmade soaps.



Laurentides, Quebec

Handmade natural skincare products & yoga instructor.

Percy & Pom.jpg

percy & pom

Montreal, Quebec

Handmade artisanal soaps


Soins Altera Vitae

Laval, Quebec

All-natural self-care products, handcrafted with care and in small batches.



Montreal, Quebec

100% natural, adorable handmade lip products.

Les Douceurs de Luna.png

les douceurs de luna

Montreal, Quebec

Produits de bien-être artisanaux, naturels et éco-friendly! Le tout fait à la main, avec amour, au Québec ☽.

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