frequently asked questions

What is a virtual market?
Like walking around a market or fair, stopping by vendors' tables that catch your eye, a virtual craft fair is held online and lets you browse through local creators. If you see something you like, click through to their profile to see more of their creations and to shop their stores. If you’re not in a position to make a purchase, you can still support them by liking, following, and sharing their page! Please be patient with shipping times, small creatives are doing their best to get you your purchases on time.
For vendors: Virtual markets are an easy and cost-effective way to get your business noticed. Through our platform and paid ads, we’re able to help get your brand noticed! The cost of the virtual market is always 5$ and 50% of the market fees will go to a local charity. Virtual markets are open to all creators in Canada. Don’t have a website? No problem. Shoppers can buy directly from you through Instagram.

What is a small business spotlight?
A small business spotlight is a free promo for small businesses in Canada. Just fill out the application and we'll schedule your post.

How much do your services cost?
All of our services are free with the exception of markets. Since we have to rent a venue, pay staff, purchase ads, etc, we charge a vendor fee for market participation. The maximum price is 100$. If you need financial assistance to participate in the market, we offer a sliding scale payment option for a shared table.

I’m not located in Canada, what services can I apply for?
Wellness Wednesday, Reel Round-Up Thursday, Follow Friday, Small Business Saturday and Sharing Sunday are all open worldwide. Maker Monday, virtual markets, Small Business Spotlights and Giveaway Tuesday are for creators in Canada. In-person markets are reserved for creators in Montreal or in the surrounding area willing to travel to Montreal. The Quebec Small Business Directory is only for creators in Quebec.

How do I sign up for your services?
All of our applications are done via Google Form exclusively. You can find all of the frequently updated links on our Linktree.

The application is asking for a code, where do I find it?
Read the rules at the top of the form fully and carefully.

Can I email you my application?
No. All applications need to be done via Google Form so we can keep all the applications together. We get hundreds and sometimes thousands of notifications a day so we don’t want your application getting lost.

What’s the fastest way to get in touch with you?
100% a DM on Instagram.

How can I learn about upcoming special events?
Follow us on Instagram for announcements or sign up for our newsletter.
For markets, dates will be added on our Events page and on Facebook.

I submitted an application but didn't get a confirmation from you. Did you get my application?
We do not send out a confirmation for every application we receive. The confirmation you'll receive will be on the Google Form page after you submit it. We only contact those chosen for the interviews.

How can I improve my chances of being selected?
There are 3 key factors during the selection process: 
1) Did you fill in all the required components? (Don't skip or purposefully fill in parts with gibberish)
2) Is there detail in the writing? (1-3 word answers don't meet our minimum length requirements. Write it as if it's something you would be actively interested in reading yourself.)

3) Did you read the rules and correctly fill out & submit the application?