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Hygge Living

The Oxford Living Dictionary defines Hygge as "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being." In recent years the Danish way of living known as "hygge" has been adopted by many North Americans seeking coziness and bliss in everyday life. You may ask what is hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah" or "hoo-guh")? Well, I say hygge is life! No matter how you pronounce it, you will know hygge when you feel it. Think about that feeling of when you come in from a blustery cold day, put on some cozy socks, and snuggle up with a warm, soothing cup of coffee or tea. Or how about sitting in a garden with a good book, when the summer breeze brings in the sweet smell of flowers? That feeling of inner-warmth, calmness, and enjoying the present moment is what hygge is all about.

This is a way of living that I really dove into a few years back and it has brought me much contentment and joy in the simple beauty of being in everyday life. It also led me to rediscover my artistic side that I had let go of years before and reignited the inner spark of creativity in myself. With a penchant for creation using simple, natural materials, my goal is to "infuse" my creations with positive vibes and warmth while I remain present in every step of the creation process. Consequently, I started "Handmade & Hygge by Anna", a little business endeavor that allows me to share my creations and spread some hygge vibes with my community.

Anyone can live a hygge life!

Here are some hygge ideas that can be pretty effortless:

Take the time to light a naturally scented candle and curl up with a good book.

Relax in the morning sun, latte in hand while listening to the birds.

Share a home-cooked meal with beloved friends and/or family.

Add some pretty, cozy elements to your living space (blankets, soft lighting, incorporate natural textures, nature-inspired elements, and items in your décor) and just soak in the moment while making precious memories.

Cheers & skål!


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