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Maker Monday: Mirelys Estevanot

In 2016 I started my project of

MIREMTL, making necklaces and

publishing day by day my products. I stayed that way for a year, ⏳ with few sales and little reach. Presenting many obstacles, such as: finding a quality supplier, looking for the best finishing technique that will not affect the temperature changes🌧️🌤️ that we have in 🇨🇦 among others ... normal when you are creating a project.

Many of the pieces already sold to my closest friends👧👩👩‍🦰, I had to ask for them to be touched up🔙 and change some finishes. This situation demotivated me a lot and I decided to abandon my dream. 🔚🔚

In June 2020, working from home, due to the world situation we were going through, allowed me to enjoy more with my family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, to spend more time with myself and to think and analyze why I abandoned my dream.

MireMtl is a line of jewelry that is inspired by different, original, and modern women.

How have your life experiences influenced your art style? I have always liked manual art. But when immigrating to a new country, where they place a lot of value on manual things. It made me think about starting my own business. Making different and unusual accessories, but in trend, I make women look pretty and different

If you had all the resources in the world (time, money, etc) would you still make the kind of art you make? Totally. I love art.

What does success mean to you? Personal growth, being happy and doing what I like.

Who is your biggest influence?

My mom

What is your favorite tool/thing to work with? A silicone gun, beads, and chains

Which of the pieces you've created is your favorite? Many. But I love my Mireheart pendant. with these pieces, I found my identity.

How have you developed your career? As an artist, I haven't yet but, I have my next goals.

How have other artists influenced your work? Keeping motivated and focus to create new things

How would you describe your aesthetic? Modern, different, unique, casual, and feminine

What is your favorite genre of art? I love so many of them but my favorite has to be casual/modern

What are your hobbies? Running, sharing with my family and friends

If you were a canvas, what would be your color palette? Green

What keeps you up at night? My personal project's tasks

What is the hardest part of running your own business? Planning and photography

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Having a presence in several stores

What advice would your current self give your beginner self? Keep motivated, keep planning and, be consistent

Describe your creative process I make all my silicon pendants ( Heart, cross... ). with colored glue sticks and resin, to make each piece more durable and bright.

Using a stainless steel chain, I finish each accessory. Each step of the preparation of accessories is made with care to obtain unique and exclusive pieces that will add a different touch to the style of modern and dynamic women today.

A newspaper article is written about you. What is the headline? Do you want to see yourself as unique and different?

You’re at a dinner party and someone asks what you do. How do you describe what you do? I make necklaces inspired by different, original, and modern women. Using silicone bars and resin.

What are your go to snacks while creating? Water & chocolate

Which of your habits help and which hinder your creativity? Help: to do exercise, read a book. Hinder: not leave me a space to rest

What is your favorite painting or sculpture?

Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt

Where do you find inspiration? I go to the beach, reading on Pinterest

Do you like to collaborate with other entrepreneurs? Yes, I like it.

Will you keep up with your project? Yes, I will. I know that is not an easy way but not impossible. the important thing is to learn from mistakes and continue fighting for what you want

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