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Maker Monday: Katrina and Savanah of S&K Homemade

We are Katrina and Savanah, two sisters from the Eastern Townships in Quebec, and the creators behind S&K Homemade. Our small business was created out of a need to find an activity to do together as sisters, during the pandemic. It was also a great opportunity for us to combine our passions of macramé and sewing, to create high-quality products such as plant hangers, pet bandanas, matching scrunchies, and so much more.

What do you make? We have been creating macrame products and pet accessories for close to a year now but our shop only officially launched in May of 2021.

When did you first become inspired to start creating? We were inspired to start our shop a few years ago but the pandemic really made us open up to our creativity.

What is art to you personally? For me personally, art is a way to focus my attention on something else and get out of my head for a while. It is a way to showcase my talents and to bring beautiful pieces into the lives of others.

Tell us about the progress you've made since you first started We have come a long way since the start of our shop a few months back. In a short amount of time, we have learned the different ways to get noticed and to stand out in a field of thousands of people doing the same thing as you. We have also progressed our image more, to better represent not only what our brand is but also what we stand for.

Who/what are your biggest influences? There isn't one person in particular. I tend to be inspired by other small business owners online or other people doing similar things as us.

If you had all the resources in the world (time, money, etc) would you still make the kind of art you make? Yes, I would. For me personally, having this shop is not about the money (though of course there is nothing more I would like in this world than to be able to do this full time) it's about finding something that finally makes me happy and that I enjoy doing. I strive to make macrame especially and I look forward to waking up and starting a new design or picking up on an unfinished piece.

What does success mean to you? It means being happy and being confident in what you are doing. It also means getting to enjoy what you do and in turn getting to take advantage of life.

Were you born an artist or made an artist? I don't think I would say that I was born an artist but since a young age I have always been drawn to arts and crafts, so being creative is something I've always loved to do.

What is your favorite tool/thing to work with? For our macrame products, we love working with 100% recycled cotton cord in 3 MM, more specifically, the cord from the company. Not only is this cord extremely soft and easy to work with, but it is also recycled from old textiles and is completely compostable. For our bandanas and scrunchies, we tend to prefer popeline cotton for its soft texture and flexibility, which is ideal for an on-the-go pup.

What is the hardest part of running your own business? The hardest part is getting started and trying to get your name out there. It can sometimes feel impossible in a world where there are so many people doing similar things to you but it's important to persevere and to be confident in what you're doing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? We see our shop being successful enough to be done full time. We also see ourselves creating a custom website for our business and just overall improving in all aspects of the shop.

What advice would your current self give your beginner self? I would tell myself to keep practicing and to be confident in what you are doing, it will all pay off in the end.

You have 100$ to spend at the art supply store. What's in your basket? I had $100 to spend at a craft store, such as Michaels, I would buy a bunch of new fabric for our dog bandanas.

What are your go-to snacks while creating? I'm a sucker for chips but lately, with the hot weather, I gravitate more towards popsicles.

Have you taken classes or are you self-taught? We are self-taught, having learned through various Youtube videos.

Where do you find inspiration? We find inspiration mainly in everyday life, Pinterest, and other small businesses on Instagram.

What is your favorite material to work with? We love working with recycled cotton cord, cotton, and other textiles.

What would you like to improve about your shop? We would love to continue growing our social media accounts and also build a website to make it easier for our clients to shop our items.

What can buyers expect next from your shop? We are currently working on many new bandana collections as well as new macrame items such as wall hangings and dog leashes.

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