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Meet the Maker Month: Arthur of Moo Moo Lane

Hello! My name is Arthur and I am the creator and designer of MOO MOO LANE!

What is MOO MOO LANE? MOO MOO LANE is our brand inspired by everything cute and delicious and to be creative with the intent of sharing this feeling and bringing a smile to everyone!

What is the goal for MOO MOO LANE? We have the mission to create smiles, spread joy, and be a reminder of the happy feelings and memories we all have. Keep a positive outlook, see the glass half full and Keep Smiling!

Where does the name MOO MOO LANE come from? MOO MOO LANE draws from my own personal experience growing up with nostalgic video games and all the positive feelings I personally associated with that. Every island or farm I created in my virtual gaming world was always called MOO MOO. These games gave me so much happiness growing up and continue to do so when I look back to those times. The name MOO MOO LANE draws from these happy walks down memory lane and my passion to invoke and share these same feelings with others.

What does being a Maker mean to you? Being a maker is to not only create beautiful and creative products, but most importantly, it is to share this message with your audience and bring a little bit of the message your art conveys into their lives.

What motivates you to create? I draw inspiration from moments that spark joy in my life and what makes me happy, like delicious food, video games, friends and family, and childhood memories. I take these warm nostalgic feelings and continue to find ways to share this positivity with my audience.

How have you developed your skills? All my life I have had the passion to create and to design.I pursued this passion in my studies of Illustration and Design at OCADU in Toronto and I continue to master my art through MOO MOO LANE.

Where are you from and how does that influence your work? I was born and raised in Toronto, but growing up Chinese Canadian had definitely shaped my outlook and in turn, influenced my art. Between balancing my own cultural heritage as well as embracing the cultural diversity of such a vibrant city, I merge both these worlds into my work and create my works as interpretations of my environment and communities.

How has the pandemic impacted your creativity? The Pandemic had such a significant impact on our lives and unfortunately, not all the change was good or taken as well by everyone. MOO MOO LANE was created during the pandemic and a part of its message is to counter this negative impact and spark a bit of joy and hope back into people’s lives.

Tell us about your first sale Our first sale was a part of our first enamel pin collection and was a surreal moment. Finally seeing our dream become reality and the first step towards our mission made it all the more rewarding!

What is your dream project? Our dream project is to eventually get into apparel and even community art spaces so we can bring our message to a greater audience!

Describe your latest project We had just completed our first major shop update of 2022 and we even got a chance to include items that pay homage to our Chinese heritage to celebrate the lunar new year and the new year of the tiger!

What are your long-term goals? We want to share MOO MOO LANE with as many people as we can and continue to spread positivity!

What three adjectives would you use to describe your work? Cute, Delicious, and Smiles!

What story do you want to tell with your work?

Keep Smiling!

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